Chile, Ya Voy 🇨🇱 con Fernando🦁

Hola S3! ¿Cómo estás? Estoy bien y muy muy excited. When I came to visit you, I brought a mascot that I will take with me to South America. I believe you named him Fernando. Fernando is very excited to go to Chile sin embargo, Fernando necesita tu ayuda. ¿Puede ayudar? See... the thing is... … Continue reading Chile, Ya Voy 🇨🇱 con Fernando🦁


Preparing For Overseas 🇨🇱

Excited and nervous. The two main emotions that I am feeling right now. I completed training up on the Isle of Coll on the 11th of July at the Hebridean centre. During training I met everyone who I am going to Chile with aswell as my project partner, Erin . I feel that our country … Continue reading Preparing For Overseas 🇨🇱